Check out our menu with the focus on fish dishes and various specialties of traditional Portuguese cuisine with an excellent wine list.


Seafood starters selection  
Prawns cocktail "Estelas" style  
Clams fisherman's styl  
Individual seafood starters  


Grilled blue lobster with sauteed rice scented with garlic
Grilled lobster with sauteed rice with coriander
Stewed lobster ancient recipe (with live lobster)
Boilled spider crab of the coast
Grilled tiger prawns
Stuffed crab
Barnicles from Berlenga island
Boilled prawns


Grilled fresh fish of the coast with sauteed vegetables and potatoes
Bream or fresh redfish grilled with garlic and olive oil
Deep fried john dory with traditional bread garnish
Grilled mackerel with original spanish sauce
Grilled sardines and peppers with boilled potatoes
Grilled codfish with garlic and olive oil


Specials (Fish)

Assorted fish stew "Estelas" style (for 2 people)
Seafood and rice - portuguese style (for 2 people)
Seafood stew chef's style (for 2 people)
Bread and seafood stew (for 2 people)
Cooper wok stew of fresh fish of the coast and prawns (for 2 people)
Prawns crry (for 2 people)
Fresh fish stew Peniche style (for 2 people)


Steak with pepper sauce
Steak portuguese style (olive oil, garlic, bayleaf and  white wine)
Grilled chunk of typical portuguese meat
Veal fillet mignon cuddle
"Mirandesa" veal chops with sauteed vegetables
Lamb chops with parsley, olive and vinegar sauce
Iberian pork tenderloin and garlic



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